Jumat, 24 Oktober 2014

We're at one and a half million and conserving ...

More than one and a half million energy-saving CFL light bulbs are now lighting up homes and businesses throughout Virginia! June 2008 marked the sale of the one and a half millionth energy-saving light bulb through our CFL discount program.

That's good for Dominion, our customers—and their wallets—because each CFL bulb consumes about 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. And they can last up to 10 times longer. It's also helping improve air quality and preserve our environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 1,502,667 CFL bulbs equates to:
  • 90,494 cars off the road for one year

  • 518,983 tons of CO2 not emitted

  • $86,315,896 saved (over life of CFLs)
It's our way of supporting Virginia's goal to reduce the state's electricity consumption by 10% by 2022. We applaud our customers in their efforts to join us in conserving energy.

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